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An Unabashedly Pro-Miami Heat Blog

May 9, 2012

Let us introduce ourselves. We like the Miami Heat. We feel the Heat down in our Soul. Never supported another NBA team, never will.  The Miami Heat just can’t be beat, as far as we’re concerned. We grew up in South Florida in the mid-1990s, soon after the arrival of the Don, Pat Riley. He lifted us up to 60 wins and prominence on the backs of Tim Hardaway, Zo, Jamal Mashburn, P.J. Brown. Thunder Dan. Those were good times, but not as good as these. Watching this team is just plain fun.

You know now: We love the Heat. We understand what it means to watch this team. Even without a ring (yet), this Miami Heat team is one of the best ever, if you could put them up against any classic team in their prime, and the most entertaining. In contrast to the many who frequently express their anger with the Heat, we are thoroughly soaked in gratitude because despite the emotional ups and downs of devoting oneself to their local basketball team, we do, after all, have the privilege of watching one of the awesomest and most fun teams of all-time. When the Heat are good, it doesn’t get any better. Well, I suppose it could get better, with a trophy. That would be entertaining. Still, you see our point.

So for all those worldwide who just like the Miami Heat, like the alley-oops, the great defense, who see our ever-polarizing stars as some hard-working gentlemen, those who are glad Riley is our steward (despite the occasional odd decision…for we know he must be privy to some secret information unbeknownst to the average fan; In Riles We Trust) and Mickey Arison the owner of our beloved franchise:
This is your place.

We will never predict victory for an opponent of the Miami Heat. We will not compliment the opposition. (Has anyone else noticed them doing that occasionally on the local Heat broadcasts? No compliments for Heat opponents! That reminds me of how awesome Dr. Jack Ramsay was… though he probably made positive comments about the opposition every once in a while, having head-coached an NBA Champion has special privileges SLAMMA!) Anyway, we reserve the right to question our beloved. It’s all because we care. In Riley We Trust

The ABC announcer was saying the other day Dwayne Wade is taken granted for sometimes. Uh, NO. Not down here. We Loyal Heaters would never take Wade for granted, only an outsider. The True Leader of the Heat, he’s been the face of the franchise for a while, Co-Captain, Dominant in leading us to our only championship in ‘06, Finals MVP, our all-time leader in a bunch of categories. Clutch. Master of the Backboard. Yes. In Wade We Trust as well.


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