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Heat Round 1 Game 5 Notes

May 10, 2012

Outside shots on the first few possessions…

Dad claims the team scores at 80% clip once Lebron gets into paint, which is ridiculous and awesome if true

What is Bibby taking these days I’m wondering during the first quarter, but that feeling wears away as the game goes on.

Pretty running hook by Udonis on Stoudy early

We’re gonna have to start an online petition to play Turiaf I think. Did he mess with Riley’s wife or something? This is the only thing my dad, friends and I can come up with

Lebron! Take em to the hole!

Can we get outside shots only after penetration please, more or less?

Dad points out its more difficult for them to drive to the hole when Joel Anthony is clogging up lane. Much love Joel

Ronny T sure looks healthy when he gets up and celebrates Heat baskets

Dad calling repeatedly for Lebron to drive inside, for Turiaf to go in, and Joel out. Not the first time, and I have a feeling it won’t be the last

Wow terrible call on JR Smith push-off of Chalmers

Obviously big mistake by Woodson leaving Amare in to get his fifth foul in the third. It’s easy to say, but I don’t know how they could lose track of that. We all at home and seemingly everybody was waiting for it.

There have been several beautiful lay-ins by Wade this game. Yeah, still not taking him for granted

After getting an offensive foul, for his sixth, in the final quarter, Amare’s gonna have a long off-season. But he’s a Florida Boy so well-wishes

What an offensive display by ‘Melo. That’s objective, not a compliment. He just keeps putting the ball in the basket somehow. Overall though, no envy here. The ball goes in to him and just never comes back out. I know they have a lot of guys injured, but I’m pretty sure this is license for him to do what he really wants to do because his assist rate is usually bad

Bosh great late
Alright, feelin’ good stuff by the end. Semi-classic close out game. Classic not for the level of the opposition or the drama but sending the Knicks home is always quality.

Yeah it’s a strong home win against a devastated opponent.

Let’s GO HEAT! Bring on the Pacers of Indiana. Moms across the land were probably hoping to have several hours of alone time this Sunday afternoon, so it’s a good thing Game 1 is on Mother’s Day.


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