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May 14, 2012

Miami Heat 2012 NBA Playoffs
Round 2
vs. Indiana Pacers
Game 1

The second glorious series of our Miami Heat playoffs began on a Sunday afternoon dedicated to mothers everywhere. Visions of the ultimate goal, a championship trophy, are firmly fixed though a ways off. Yet the gravitational pull our heroes exert on the trophy increases since we met with them last, vanquishing the lowly New York Knicks in contests five. The step in front of us now is to overcome our next foe, the youthful and balanced Pacers of Indiana…


Not a whole lot of movement on offense early, and you know how that worries me.

Bosh with a 4 point play by way of put back on the And-1 foul shot

and a Glittery Wade-Lebron Alley-oop makes me feel better.

Lebron is everywhere early, as usual.

Heat clearly trying to put Pacers in foul trouble, with success, especially Wade

Pacers trying to drill inside

Not that I want to reference comments made by rookie coach this week, but who has seen Heat players ever not making a play on the ball?

Bosh looking beastly, keeping the other guys in foul trouble, Say he’s OK?

Turiaf! 2 rebounds immediately and almost gets the put-back

Miller takes a great CHARGE

It’s nice that they let Lebron jump with the ball cause that behind the back bounce pass to Turiaf for the slamma was awesome.

Quality CHARGE taken by Joel Anthony

Nice brickpass from Shane Battier to Lebron, that’s a playground favorite…

Next, a possession where only Lebron touches the ball. Everybody is the MVP, right?

Wade. Willing his self into the lane like a bulldozer. I like it.

Joel Anthony’s hands were very good today. Good day in general for him.

Legendary block by Wade where he starts off 20 feet behind, puts his head down, and catches up just in time to block the transition basket. Only guard in playoff history to average more than one block a game.

(If they reseeded like in the NHL or NFL we would be playing the Sixers…)

-And Quality Lockdown Defense from the Heat late, and a victory, as expected.


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  1. Aaron permalink

    Great notes. Bosh is okay?

    • He’s out indefinitely. Lebron said he’s preparing as if Bosh won’t be back this series. Apparently an abdominal strain completely compromises the core’s athletic ability

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