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Game 2 Pre-Notes

May 15, 2012

Waiting for a Udonis re-stepping out game, like when he was great for us in the 06 finals, with that legendary defense on Dirk. I know he has it in him.

Ignoring Pacers whining about foul shots. The disparity, which was not that great of one, is because Lebron and Wade attack basket so well. This is more akin to Netherlands v Spain in the World Cup when the Netherlands were fouling Spain like crazy because they knew they couldnt win otherwise against a superior team

Agh Bosh

Let’s see what the starting lineup will be here

Well, I would have thought to inject Miller into starting lineup, but Lebron said he’s not going to play at the 4 so, the most likely solution is to replace Bosh in starting lineup with Turiaf. Joel Anthony was great off the bench other day, and besides not having Lebron to play the 4, I don’t think Spo wants to change bringing Miller and Battier off bench. I don’t see Pittman starting, though he could certainly play, so that leaves us with Turiaf as the starter. Which is not much of a doomsday scenario as far as I’m concerned, I think he’ll be great for us.  We’ll see what happens. I could see Haslem possibly returning to bench with a Bosh return, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves…Game on


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