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Game 2

May 16, 2012

Game 2
 Well After repeated yelling at the TV screen, much discussion afterwards, and listening to the moronic post-game questions being asked of Dwyane Wade such as “How much did you miss Chris Bosh?” “In what ways did you miss Chris Bosh?” and “Were you guys trying to conserve energy in the 3rd quarter?” I may as well go ahead and note what I’ve noted now so I can go ahead with life
 12 minutes from Udonis Haslem. I’m immensely disappointed with Spoelstra. Can’t hide it. From the beginning:

1st Half
Turiaf shoulda been playin the whole time. I’m sayin.

No. Early. Long. Shots.

And here is the lineup they said we wouldn’t see Miller, Battier, Wade, Turiaf, Bron at the 4. That’s a quality lineup. They’re playing fast. Great defense

OH man Wade.Lebron. Baby. A back and forth touch pass jam. Entertained.

Need some UD revival.

Some Heat players get no love from refs. Battier. And Anthony gets reach-ins every time he rebounds the ball.

The Heat are fronting the Pacers players keeping the ball out of the post.

Ooh, a deep Battier three by way of Wade Mojo Pass

2nd Half

CHARGE taken by Haslem

Chalmers gets a talking to from Spo rightfully after ticky tack foul. If you’re gonna foul em, foul em so they don’t make the basket plz

Much needed basket from UD don’t even know how it went in.

A tough run in the 3rd quarter best left undiscussed

Needing to establish a rhythm on offense…

How is Joel Anthony playing more than UD pray tell? Hasl-bear can set screens, rebound, and can actually catch, hold the ball, and put it in.

A Few soft passes from Wade this game

You know they have to think way too much when they’re running the pick and roll with Anthony, you can see them hesitate, and I would too.

An abominable no-call on Wade and you know he’s pissed.

Was Haslem not our starting 4 when we won a ring for cryin out loud! It’s not funny with J.A. anymore

Is that not pissing off Lebron, he wouldn’t rather have UD or Ronny out there?

Manly play from Wade with the crucial offensive rebound and putback

The Pacers are raging, Granger gets in Lebron’s face and he’s yapping. The non-basketball play is embarrassing. Can’t help but wonder if their coach didn’t get them off-track with his comments.

Manly one hand rebound from Lebron.

An impressive seven fouls from Granger after getting his fifth taken away, then proceeding to earn it back and another

Then the end.
After listening to the radio, it’s clear some in Heat nation are in panic. They talk about the late misses from Wade, the Lebron the free throws. I’m thinking about how tiring it must be for them thinking out there if the guy they’re running the pick and roll with can catch the dang ball. Spoelstra didn’t make adjustments amidst the adversity in the second half.
Heat in Five.


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