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Miami Heat Devotion Game 3 Pre-Notes

May 17, 2012

Miami Heat Game 3 Pre-Notes

 Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird how we keep hearing Spoelstra say “I wish I could have gotten him a minute or two” in reference to the question of rest for Lebron … What? Stop being a baby. Sit him for a minute. Put somebody else in. It will be OK. Our players are capable. Does he believe his own hype when he says we have enough or not?

I’m looking for threes. Rhythmic movement of the ball throughout the team on offense. Yes, I know it’s a road game. We smoked them here by 30 points earlier this year.

I don’t care what’s been going on they’ve got to show some trust in Haslem. Do they have no vision of a player’s continued potential ability through their rough stretches? It sure doesn’t seem like it. Everybody’s bashing the role players, but the coaches are blowing in the wind with them, any non Big Three player has a couple of bad shots, they get thrown out of the rotation practically. We’ve seen this happen with Miller and now Haslem. These guys are quality players


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