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Feelin the Heat: Game 3. Picture ’em Rollin’

May 18, 2012

 Feeling the Heat down in my soul, folks. That was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen. Right now, I’m wondering what Riley has been turning over in his head last night and today, what Lebron is mulling, and I can only imagine like I, they picture the Heat rollin’ (kinda like the Tupac song). Amidst all the talk of no supporting cast, they must be wondering how they got here, what they were going for when this team was assembled. It wasn’t done out of foolishness. Don’t believe the hype, Haslem, Miller, Battieeeer. The media talk is divisive, making this team into the Stars and Everybody Else but we know that’s not the case. Remember in December when they looked unstoppable? That’s just waiting to be uncorked. I don’t care what’s happened, don’t care what they say. This lineup, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole. Dwyane Wade. Mike Miller. Shane Battier. Lebron. James Jones, Udonis. Turiaf. Bosh (usually), Joel, Pittman. That lineup is still ridiculous, they’ve just been under a cloud. All the talk is the Pacers are deep, we aren’t. We’re the tired stars and underachieving role players. We’re deep. We’re a team. The Heat still have a great opportunity, to let this fire burn for a couple days and then come out Game 4 with a heretofore unseen passion. They haven’t played as hard as they’ll have to. Now they have to. Picture ’em Rollin’, Heat fans

 Game 3 Notes, From the beginning (Heat Faithful may want to avert their eyes)

Wow Spo’ starts Pittman and Battier. Flabbergasted. Good move, I like it. If Dex gets a couple fouls and goes to the bench, big deal, at least we have a big

He gets benched quick.

It would be veddy nice if we could get a packed house at tip next time

Chalmers is feelin’ it, assists a Miller three, and that’s good.

Many a floater from Chalmers and ‘Bron.

Joel Anthony catches AND dunks it!

At the end of the 1st quarter it seems we’ve really weathered the storm, leading by 9 after trailing 11-2 to start.

Turiaf would-have-been classic Windmill Dance after an And-1 if everybody didn’t want to forget tonight. He tends to look good for the Heat, he really fills a void.

And Joel Anthony with a highlight left handed layup! Looks funny doing it as always

Haslem and Miller get fouls called on them just for being out there

After a beastly And-1, Chalmers hears it from a fan who’s had too much beer and gets a look from a lady that appear to be filled with genuine hate

O man, our alloted one incredible play (at least) from Lebron James this game

After halftime, Chalmers picks up where he left off.

Wade with a smooth J finally (it ends up being his only smooth moment of the night)

Battier short on 3s again and again.

Wow. Never seen ANYthing like Wade up in Spo’s grill. What’s more shocking, this, or that it hasn’t happened before?

Then the ref reverses a call just for being asked nicely as a gift to the Pacers and their fans

Unfathomable off. foul call against Wade. No calls tonight. Not feeling crazy about suspecting the league of tipping it in Pacers favor early in the series to make this more dramatic. Of course, the league can’t write the storyline but they can play with a little bit. They don’t want the Heat out though

Granger seems to have psychological issues. That’s the second game in a row he does something weird to Lebron then turns around and gets in his face (last time it was knocking off his headband, this time he untucks his jersey from behind)

D. West is a professional basketball player but the occassional non-basketball plays are embarrassing

You’re my boy Chalmers, All-Star tonight! All series please

Are the Pacers getting too excited?

Why why Miller and Turiaf taken out

We’ve had 3 blocks that had fouls called on them that were all ball I swear

How many early shot clock shots? How many times did they penetrate THEN kick it out?


 The Heat is on for Game 4. Picture ’em Rollin’


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  1. But is the media narrative not true about the lack of depth with the Heat? It’s ridiculous lineup when you surround the role players with 3 stars but otherwise I’m hard pressed to believe that what Lebron had in Cleveland was worse. I mean, I know It’s hard to come up with one explanation for why the Heat are failing or one person to blame for the their failings. It’s a whole combination of things I think. Chris Bosh is actually so valuable to their team and without him you see their deficiencies are magnified times a billion. Everyone is going to be clamouring for Speolstra’s job and that Lebron is not a gamer but I think it’s a blend of everything. Going to be very interesting to see how this one turns out, especially if the Heat do get ousted by the Pacers. Still a long way to go though. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog because I really want to know what you have to say

    • I think the lack of clarity with the rotation lately has definitely added to the talk about the Heat having no depth. Also, I think if any of these other teams had Wade and Lebron and Bosh some narrative would start about them compared to the rest of the team. But the role players we’re saying are failing the team? Sure, they’ve struggled lately, but Battier is an Olympian, Haslem was a starting championship power forward, and Mike Miller is a multiple time All-Star. We were excited about acquring/retaining them all this offseason, plus adding Norris Cole, and I think they are still great players.

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