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Glorious Game 4

May 21, 2012

 One of the best Heat games ever. Instant Classic. As I look back on the last few days, I realize I’m getting more and more emotionally involved here, and clearly lot of other folks are as well I see. That was a doozy.  I can’t remember the last time I was this worked up consistently over sports…then I remember last year’s Heat run, and the ’06 championship run, and all the other runs from my sports viewing history…

It’s been easy to forget lately that the Heat lost two to the Chicago Bulls in the first round in 2006. With plenty of drama. There was a lot of drama during that whole run, which is also easy to forget.

Turiaf starts, I like it. Battier stays starting at the 4.

Our heroes don’t look settled early

Haslem. Slamma putback

O Wade steal on the inbounds pass Heat come right back and score and we’re back in business.

Lebron goes coast to coast. On his way to doing everything today

The Pacers are punks.

Lebron with amazing pass inside to Wade. It’s an awesome pass; you realize how casual the normal viewing experience is when they show the instant replay up close and you really see the angle and precision that goes into it.

Wade heats up hitting how many in a row after starting 1-8.

Granger likes talking unprovoked smack up in peoples’ biz.

Amazing Wade 3 after catching the ball falling on the ground.

A CHARGE by Hibbert.

Wade is on fire.

Lots of screaming around here in 3rd quarter on glorious Heat baskets.

Udonis with a great game, especially after they drew blood. Lou whats-his-son had no idea what a mistake that would be. But Haslem. Gotta have the championship player out on the floor in crunch time. Good stuff.

In their house.
One of the best Heat games ever.


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  1. Aaron permalink

    “Amazing Wade 3 after catching the ball falling on the ground.”

    Missed the game (:'() but saw this in the highlights- one of the most stunning feats of athleticism I’ve seen recently. Just keeping the play alive was impressive enough- getting the ball from Turiaf, to James and back as he fell- but to pull up and sink the 3… that’s what legends are made of.

    And Lebron- 40 points with some shining new highlights, but let’s not forget he was one assist away from a triple-double with 18- EIGHTEEN- rebounds, two steals and two blocks for good measure.

  2. After watching the highlights I’m struck by how great Lebron’s pass was on this play, he gave it right back to Wade with that lead pass knowing he would make it there

  3. Aaron permalink

    Indeed- the pass was flawless, but you gotta love the faith on top of that that Wade would be right back there to make the play.

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