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Road to the Championship: Glorious Glorious Game 5

May 23, 2012

Some of the things we were reflecting on about the last game and thinking about before this game:

Shane Battier played West great last time.
Udonis Haslem provided needed toughness out there. Knew they wouldn’t rough him up without a response. How true that turned out to be.
Some wondered, will the Pacers try to trap James and Wade, forcing our role players to beat them? Or will they play them straight up, daring the Big Two to try and repeat Sunday’s spectacular performance?

The Heat never gave the Pacers a chance to decide on Tuesday night. And it was great. From the top!

We were looking forward to seeing if the wake-up call this last week served to rally the fans enough to get them in there by tipoff, and they did not disappoint.

Good start with a Battier 3.

And another.

Oh Battier, Pacers have a 3-on-1 on him and he causes the turnover

Yeah Battier is on. That’s three…

(We were calling for it before the game. Due some Shane Battier reinvigoration. )

Lebron hits a smooth fade right in Granger’s face.

Norris Cole draws a quality CHARGE. No flop!

A deep three from LBJ on Grange to end the first

Wade hits the first of a series of incredible And-1 Bank shots

Tyler Punksborough draws blood on Wade. On the bench, Juwan Howard becomes a vortex of Heat energy

Then Haslem lets Punksborough know he’s in Wade County.

OK, let’s get back to basketball, Wade with a purty crossover scoop. Many a highlight reel play in this one.

Joel Anthony packs one out into the stands. Do the Pacers want to go inside? No, they’re shooting all outside shots. I like it.

Lebron nails the 3 by the Indiana bench and looks at them for just the right amount of time, for just one moment after

When somebody passes to Joel Anthony the ball needs to have a ribbon on it.

LBJ with a Stuffa in the open lane because nobody wants to go inside for the Pacers. They end the half with a sweet back and forth Wade to Lebron lay-in.

Battier is still hot after halftime.

The lane is empty of Pacers for a Lebron Slamma.

It was priceless seeing Juwan Howard and Norris Cole roll their eyes at Granger pulling up the ankle. He’s fouled Lebron the last 3 times down the floor cause he doesn’t want to be seen next to Lebron scoring.

Wade with an amazing circus And-1, and Turiaf has the best dances.

Somebody was saying the other day this Heat team has been “nothing special” all year.  I pity the fool who has not been watching because they do something spectacular every night. Especially tonight.

Lebron is all smiles after a one-hand pass for a Wade dunk, then gets professional quickly.

Every Pacers shot is outside. How many threes did they shoot in this one?

I really don’t want to talk Pacers strategy, but how do they not just ride Hibbert and West I’m asking myself time and again. They’re All-Stars

Wade with another And-1 off the glass.

The announcers are going on about Tim Duncan and then the Boston Celtics as Wade beautifies a full court pass to Lebron.

Great defensive possessions as Indiana misses a long 3 at the end of shot clock.

Wade with an awesome crossover on Hansborough. Officially an awesome game. Blow their doors off as they used to say in my time. Wade stares down Hansborough after sending his shot into the stands. This is Wade county.

Granger does not look that upset to be on a cart. Kobe’s brow would be so furrowed if he were being carted out of a playoff game. Granger’s chillin, looking a little relieved not to be out there anymore.

James Jones gives em a couple 3s for the plane ride home.

O Dex. He gives Lance an elbow to the throat so wrong its right. A wink too. He’ll be suspended. I’m an advocate of nonviolence and everything, but yeah this is basketball. Gotta do what you gotta do. All those cheap shots we were getting earlier this series…nah, it ain’t goin down like that.

Heat record 61% field goal percentage in a playoff game.

The three starters not Lebron and Wade scored first. Oh yeah, they’ll never duplicate Sunday, role players won’t step up. Ha. Another Heat Classic. Now Thursday.Image


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  1. Chalmers had 11 rebounds, that just goes to show how far the Pacers were staying out of the paint

  2. Thunder Dan permalink

    The Heat are babies and will never win a title

  3. MaraviLLa permalink

    Great article man! Had me cracking all along XD

    Heat, with another classic performance 😉

  4. jake permalink

    yeah this article was unbelievably informative! not one-sided at all! awesome stuff. leaving out that hansbrough hit the ball before his hand even touched wade’s face is classic. also, saying “haslem like punksbrough know its wades country” was just excellent analysis on the second dirtiest play we’ve seen this series after the wade cheap shot on collison. But then failing to acknowledge that the heat sent their worst player out to kill stephenson for “holding up a choke sign on a missed lebron free throw” was the best part of the article. If you want an eye for an eye thats fine. But taking little trash talk and hard fouls and coming back by taking a guys head off is unacceptable. Classless team and classless article. I will acknowledge LeBron is the best player in the league, and wade is still a top 10 player in the league, but when they play with some class I will start rooting for them. until then I will never root for lebron or wade again. I did before this series by the way

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