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Miami Heat 2012 NBA Playoffs
Round 2
vs. Indiana Pacers
Game 1

The second glorious series of our Miami Heat playoffs began on a Sunday afternoon dedicated to mothers everywhere. Visions of the ultimate goal, a championship trophy, are firmly fixed though a ways off. Yet the gravitational pull our heroes exert on the trophy increases since we met with them last, vanquishing the lowly New York Knicks in contests five. The step in front of us now is to overcome our next foe, the youthful and balanced Pacers of Indiana…


Not a whole lot of movement on offense early, and you know how that worries me.

Bosh with a 4 point play by way of put back on the And-1 foul shot

and a Glittery Wade-Lebron Alley-oop makes me feel better.

Lebron is everywhere early, as usual.

Heat clearly trying to put Pacers in foul trouble, with success, especially Wade

Pacers trying to drill inside

Not that I want to reference comments made by rookie coach this week, but who has seen Heat players ever not making a play on the ball?

Bosh looking beastly, keeping the other guys in foul trouble, Say he’s OK?

Turiaf! 2 rebounds immediately and almost gets the put-back

Miller takes a great CHARGE

It’s nice that they let Lebron jump with the ball cause that behind the back bounce pass to Turiaf for the slamma was awesome.

Quality CHARGE taken by Joel Anthony

Nice brickpass from Shane Battier to Lebron, that’s a playground favorite…

Next, a possession where only Lebron touches the ball. Everybody is the MVP, right?

Wade. Willing his self into the lane like a bulldozer. I like it.

Joel Anthony’s hands were very good today. Good day in general for him.

Legendary block by Wade where he starts off 20 feet behind, puts his head down, and catches up just in time to block the transition basket. Only guard in playoff history to average more than one block a game.

(If they reseeded like in the NHL or NFL we would be playing the Sixers…)

-And Quality Lockdown Defense from the Heat late, and a victory, as expected.


Heat Round 1 Game 5 Notes

Outside shots on the first few possessions…

Dad claims the team scores at 80% clip once Lebron gets into paint, which is ridiculous and awesome if true

What is Bibby taking these days I’m wondering during the first quarter, but that feeling wears away as the game goes on.

Pretty running hook by Udonis on Stoudy early

We’re gonna have to start an online petition to play Turiaf I think. Did he mess with Riley’s wife or something? This is the only thing my dad, friends and I can come up with

Lebron! Take em to the hole!

Can we get outside shots only after penetration please, more or less?

Dad points out its more difficult for them to drive to the hole when Joel Anthony is clogging up lane. Much love Joel

Ronny T sure looks healthy when he gets up and celebrates Heat baskets

Dad calling repeatedly for Lebron to drive inside, for Turiaf to go in, and Joel out. Not the first time, and I have a feeling it won’t be the last

Wow terrible call on JR Smith push-off of Chalmers

Obviously big mistake by Woodson leaving Amare in to get his fifth foul in the third. It’s easy to say, but I don’t know how they could lose track of that. We all at home and seemingly everybody was waiting for it.

There have been several beautiful lay-ins by Wade this game. Yeah, still not taking him for granted

After getting an offensive foul, for his sixth, in the final quarter, Amare’s gonna have a long off-season. But he’s a Florida Boy so well-wishes

What an offensive display by ‘Melo. That’s objective, not a compliment. He just keeps putting the ball in the basket somehow. Overall though, no envy here. The ball goes in to him and just never comes back out. I know they have a lot of guys injured, but I’m pretty sure this is license for him to do what he really wants to do because his assist rate is usually bad

Bosh great late
Alright, feelin’ good stuff by the end. Semi-classic close out game. Classic not for the level of the opposition or the drama but sending the Knicks home is always quality.

Yeah it’s a strong home win against a devastated opponent.

Let’s GO HEAT! Bring on the Pacers of Indiana. Moms across the land were probably hoping to have several hours of alone time this Sunday afternoon, so it’s a good thing Game 1 is on Mother’s Day.

An Unabashedly Pro-Miami Heat Blog

Let us introduce ourselves. We like the Miami Heat. We feel the Heat down in our Soul. Never supported another NBA team, never will.  The Miami Heat just can’t be beat, as far as we’re concerned. We grew up in South Florida in the mid-1990s, soon after the arrival of the Don, Pat Riley. He lifted us up to 60 wins and prominence on the backs of Tim Hardaway, Zo, Jamal Mashburn, P.J. Brown. Thunder Dan. Those were good times, but not as good as these. Watching this team is just plain fun.

You know now: We love the Heat. We understand what it means to watch this team. Even without a ring (yet), this Miami Heat team is one of the best ever, if you could put them up against any classic team in their prime, and the most entertaining. In contrast to the many who frequently express their anger with the Heat, we are thoroughly soaked in gratitude because despite the emotional ups and downs of devoting oneself to their local basketball team, we do, after all, have the privilege of watching one of the awesomest and most fun teams of all-time. When the Heat are good, it doesn’t get any better. Well, I suppose it could get better, with a trophy. That would be entertaining. Still, you see our point.

So for all those worldwide who just like the Miami Heat, like the alley-oops, the great defense, who see our ever-polarizing stars as some hard-working gentlemen, those who are glad Riley is our steward (despite the occasional odd decision…for we know he must be privy to some secret information unbeknownst to the average fan; In Riles We Trust) and Mickey Arison the owner of our beloved franchise:
This is your place.

We will never predict victory for an opponent of the Miami Heat. We will not compliment the opposition. (Has anyone else noticed them doing that occasionally on the local Heat broadcasts? No compliments for Heat opponents! That reminds me of how awesome Dr. Jack Ramsay was… though he probably made positive comments about the opposition every once in a while, having head-coached an NBA Champion has special privileges SLAMMA!) Anyway, we reserve the right to question our beloved. It’s all because we care. In Riley We Trust

The ABC announcer was saying the other day Dwayne Wade is taken granted for sometimes. Uh, NO. Not down here. We Loyal Heaters would never take Wade for granted, only an outsider. The True Leader of the Heat, he’s been the face of the franchise for a while, Co-Captain, Dominant in leading us to our only championship in ‘06, Finals MVP, our all-time leader in a bunch of categories. Clutch. Master of the Backboard. Yes. In Wade We Trust as well.

2012 NBA Playoffs Round 1 Miami Heat – New York Knicks Game 4 Observations

2012 NBA Playoffs Round 1 Miami Heat – New York Knicks Game 4 Observations

Why is it- no, HOW, is it an either-or proposition with Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, as it so often is, at the end of Game 4? Run a pick-and-roll, involve everybody. It sometime seems as if Spoelstra, or somebody, thinks running a play for LBJ and/or Wade is mutually exclusive

Joel Anthony was on the court for way too long.

Ronny Turiaf better be seriously hurt.

Too many iso plays, too many early in the shot-clock shots, including a few in a row by Chalmers over a stretch in the second half. Please, no hero shots folks. DO THE Heat realize how good they are when everybody’s involved? The ball is moving, pick-and-rolls with the Big Three around the painted area? It’s classic. Ride it.

To all those critical of the Heat, the coaching decisions, the refs, First of all I don’t doubt that the NBA wants another New York game, it probably is good for economy. But the fact of the matter is it’s not like the Heat were blowing them out by 20. Nobody can force ‘Melo to put the ball in the hoop repeatedly. I mean he had 40+ and shot over 50%, the man blew up. It just goes to show it’s never easy to win an NBA game. The Charlotte Bobcats won 9 NBA games; everybody in this league can play, and our opponent is a decent team.

Obviously the crowd was a huge factor. They’re hungry, and those guys haven’t won in a long time, with all the pressure of the biggest stage in NYC. On the other hand, on our side, one can see how it could be difficult to maintain and match the same hunger, intensity, and urgency over guys who’ve accumulated so much playoff humiliation the last 10 years after three seemingly easy victories.

A mid-game tribute to fallen Beastie Boy Adam Yaucht surely added to the emotions.

Our opponent clearly fed off the vibes, otherwise how did Mike Bibby hit that 3-pointer all on his own late in the game? How many threes did he miss for us up through the NBA Finals last year? Ugh, that reminds me another classic Heat error, the unfortunate and premature release of Carlos Arroyo, which I promise I won’t mention again, because I really need to get over it.

As far as the whole Lebron James/ Battier who should be guarding ‘Melo  debate, all that matters is that Carmelo Anthony considers Shane Battier to be his preferred defender, of the two. The Heat are feeding into a whole dichotomy in ‘Melo’s head over what he can handle. Lebron is that good. ‘Melo is that good at scoring. Now, Shane is usually a great defender, I don’t mind having him on Anthony through certain stretches of the game, to keep Lebron optimal, but the last two minutes? You have to have all your best options out there with the game on the line.

Lebron wouldn’t have gotten that foul call, but then again, who should have with less than two minutes to go in the game?

Maybe it’s because we grew up watching basketball in the 90s, but we’re of the opinion they should have to draw blood to call a foul on a pivotal shot during the final stretch of playoff game. Incredible.

Mike Miller was as cold as can be, along with Batter. Someone who can hit open threes, paging, someone…Much love for these guys, but gotta hit it.

Speaking of gotta hit it: Foul Shots. 11 Missed Foul Shots. Forget the conspiracies, that’s the game right there, folks.

The New York Rangers were still riding the wave of Heat Mojo we left behind on their way to a victory Monday night in Madison Square Garden…